A love letter from me, to you.


Dear Reader,

It has been an utterly wild month…

It was unexpected, exciting and inspiring…

It all began with an amazing customer taking a fun tiktok video unboxing her Halo Fiction Six of Crows jewellery. One view turned into several views turned to hundreds, then thousands and then the orders started coming in.

The absolute love, encouragement that I have gotten from every single one of you has made my heart swell. In the span of just one week Halo Fiction got more support and traction then it had gotten in almost the entire time it’s been up and running.

In truth, the Six of Crows pendant was the piece I’ve worked the hardest on and it is also the biggest risk and investment I’ve taken with Halo Fiction so far and I am ecstatic (and very relieved) that you all love it too.

Therefore, I have dedicated this month’s mood board to Kaz and the gang of crows (Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo). To inspire us to be bold, brilliant and resourceful in the hardest of times.

All my love,

Jasmine xo


P.s. Who is excited for Shadow and Bones to be released on Netflix this month?!

Jasmine Deetlefs