Dear Reader, 

Welcome to Halo Fiction, a place where dreamers keep on dreaming.

This is the first Halo Journal post encapsulates and embodies the brand as a whole. A piece that aims to set the tone for the many Journal posts to come. This is a space where we will be creative, talk about the inspiration behind some of our best selling products and discuss what's going on in the bookish community.

Now down to business - From the title of this post you may have gathered that we are introducing our first mood board! It is a collection of some of my favourite images and products from the five months of Halo Fiction operations. It represents the beautiful journey we've been on with this business over the last few months.

Where did this all begin?

Well, my name is Jasmine (but everyone calls me Jassy) and it was around this time last year that I was in the midst of reading the acotar series (A Court of Thorns and Roses). I loved the stories, the places and the characters so much and I felt so connected to that world that I wanted something to remind me of it all. I didn't want to get something permanent like a tattoo, but I wanted to find a piece of jewellery that was subtle but was created with an acotar meaning behind it. Sure enough I did a lot of research and I found minimal options. Nothing really fit what I wanted. 

It was also around this time that I had stumbled upon the Bookstagram community. I was in absolute awe of the beautiful photos and the art works that had been created (I was also shocked that I hadn't found it sooner!). One day soon after, I was in the car and I had the thought

What if I could create jewellery based on these book series...

That is where the magic began. At the time I was in my second year of University and I would be sitting in lectures researching how I could make this dream a reality (instead of listening and studying - I know I am a terrible student!). Once COVID hit, the world changed, we all stayed indoors and that is where I really started building the foundations of Halo Fiction. From designing products, to sourcing amazing suppliers and creating a website and Etsy store I started making this dream a reality in the hopes that other dreamers and book readers like me would come to love the products as much as I do. 

October 2020 was launch day, and slowly but surely over the coming months leading to Christmas and New Year more and more people (like you) discovered Halo Fiction and allowed me to continue building and growing my little bookish dream. 

Since launching I have created and released a total of nine products and now Halo Fiction has jewellery based on series from some of the best fiction and fantasy writers of our time including Sarah J Maas, Holly Black and Leigh Bardugo. 

But most importantly this dream could not be a reality without you.

So, What now?

 2021 has so much in store for us - the opportunity to grow, to be creative, to try new things and explore our passions. Behind the scenes of Halo Fiction, I am working to not only create products that bring justice to some of these amazing novel series, but to also deliver positive and encouraging content that supports the creatives (like you and me). 


Once again welcome to the Journal space of Halo Fiction, I am so excited to continue on this journey with you all. Keep an eye out on this space or our social pages for new Journal posts or (if you would like) feel free to sign up to the Halo Post where you'll get notified first for all new products, collections, updates and journal posts (also, I cross my heart promise I will not spam your inbox). 

Much Love, 

From Jasmine 

Jasmine Deetlefs
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